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German trademark package (D)

355 EUR**

trademark filing package (Germany)

Entrust your trademark application to an expert!

The Trademark Conquerors offer you a professional comprehensive package, tailored to fit your needs. You can therefore obtain a complete range of all necessary services at a fixed price.

What does a comprehensive package include?

The trademark registration package (D) comprises:

  • an expert consultation on trademark registration
  • a similarity search (D)+(CTM)+(IR) to check the availability of the mark against potentially conflicting earlier trade mark rights owned by third parties
  • company name search to check the availability of the name against potentially conflicting earlier names
  • filing a trademark application with the German Patent and Trademark Office
  • handling correspondence with the German Patent and Trademark Office (does not apply in case of refusing an application)
  • examination and delivery of a registration certificate

Your benefits:

You will be the owner of a trademark and obtain trademark protection for a period of ten years. On your behalf, the Trademark Conquerors file an application to register a trademark with the German Patent and Trademark Office. The Trademark Conquerors act as your representatives.

 Should our search show that your desired trademark has already been registered, we cannot proceed with filing an application. In this case, you will only be charged a partial sum.

Order form

* (D) = German trademark
  (CTM) = Community trademark
  (IR) = International registration

** All prices include VAT, trademark application prices do not include expense allowance and do not include official registration fees; fixed sum payments cover out-of-court services only.

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