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Trademark registration services, horak trademark lawyers (Germany/ Austria)

The registration of a trademark gives you a monopoly right to the mark in a particular territory in relation to the goods and services for which it has been registered.

Before you file an application for registration, you should discuss the following issues with your attorney:

  • Are there any grounds for the refusal of a trademark?
  • What form of a trademark should be protected (word mark, word/design mark or design mark)?
  • How to draft the list of goods and services?
  • Is this trademark already protected?
  • Is there a similar trademark and thus likelihood of confusion?

The Trademark Conquerors recommend that you have a trademark and company name search conducted before you launch a new mark.

The Trademark Conquerors will be happy to advise you and file your trademark application.

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* (D) = German trademark
  (CTM) = Community trademark
  (IR) = International registration

** All prices include VAT, trademark application prices do not include expense allowance and do not include official registration fees; fixed sum payments cover out-of-court services only.

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